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I am a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona. This is my fourth trip to Guanajuato, Mexico with the UA Study Abroad Program. I have chosen Cajones, Guanajuato, Mexico as the rural town where I will do my ethnographic feminist research on the education of Mexican children in Central Mexico. I moved into a permanent home on June 29, 2008; my family has joined me. My major is Special Education, my minors are (1) Bilingual Education and (2) Language, Reading, & Culture.

Ethnographic feminist research is a participatory approach to research therefore I live in a tiny old minimal home much like my neighbors. I wash our clothing and dishes by hand outdoors using a garden hose, buy my food from a passing vendor, boil all our drinking water, eat corn at night with my neighbors from a pot cooking over an open wood fire and take a bus, into the city of Guanajuato, when I must travel there. When I drive our old pick-up truck into a rural town, the back is filled with neighbors who would normally walk there.

In the 5-6 towns near us there is no library. If administrators in the USA want the Mexicans to stay in Mexico, there needs to be a way to get a free education beyond 6th grade within Mexico. There are no free bus rides to/from school for any age child, no free lunches at school and no student loans in Mexico. We have land donated to build a library here in Cajones. With such a space, I could offer tutoring to the children and the adults. I have been a volunteer tutor since 1985. Since 1968 I have volunteered in day camps as a teacher, was a certified ground school and flying teacher and since 2003 I have taught in USA public schools. I am USA Federally Highly Qualified in math, language arts, business and art. I am Arizona State Certified in Special Education (birth to grade 12) and Business and Technical. I have something to offer these children, but I need a building.

This is one way to help. We can build a library for about $3,000. We have 4,000 books in storage in the USA, which will cost about $900 to get here. If you have any ideas to fundraise (totally USA tax deductible as we are a 501©(3) in the USA) please let us know.

We need outdated vitimins, really cheap and really simple educational toys; like a rattle with A_B_C on it or a block with 1-2-3 on it. These kids are so cheated! An average four year old knows the names of only two colors. Any ideas for grants or companies to ask for physical toy donations are so very welcome. We are going to build a traveling school room; a PhD in French (she also speaks and reads Spanish) is going to travel and teach while the medic and Jolen and I are evaluating the kids. Please give us any dieas yu might stumble across.

Also - Summerland is available as a fiduciary agent. Our Summerland Elder has a Master of Science in Business Systems Management, excellent accounting skills and over 30 years of business management training and experience.

A corporate Fiduciary Agent (FA) is an established, registered and incorporated non-profit corporation required to act for the benefit of another (often newly formed) non-profit organization (referred to as the principal) with the duties of good faith, confidence, reasonable care and diligence, loyalty, disclosure, accounting and candor. This duty obligates the FA to act in the best interest of the principal.

Often this includes the FA assisting the principal non-profit organization with the paperwork and other legal details of becoming a legal non-profit corporation, sharing a grant, running a fundraiser or other donation or applying for an individual grant or business loan. Additionally, this arrangement is used when the FA has some other expertise that the principal non-profit organization or principal non-profit corporation lacks.

This contractual arrangement allows a service business contract to be given to another non-profit corporation instead of hiring an individual (example: lawyer or accountant) or hiring a for-profit corporation. This arrangement is a professional courtesy between non-profits so that the FA has much needed income For the FA the fee is usually 20% or less of any donation, grant or other income handled by the FA for the principal. The percentage depends on the amount of work being handled for the principal by the FA.

Here is an example. For many years Summerland Corp. has occasionally cashed donation checks for other unincorporated non-profits. The donor makes out the check to Summerland and it is delivered to our registered agent. Our registered agent deposits the check and after it clears, Summerland sends the donor a tax letter for the total amount donated to Summerland. Then a check is delivered to the unincorporated non-profit in their name for the donation less a 5% FA service fee. Any accounting that needs to be done is handled by Summerland.

This is a very common and legal arrangement among non-profits. Income to maintain a non-profit is always multi-faceted.

Rev. Jacqueline Mackenzie, EdS (Special Education) MS (Systems Management)

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Please send any donation to Summerland Monastery, c/o Carol Garr, Registered Agent,
2343 West Old Ajo Way, Tucson, Arizona 85746-9113 520-883-4444

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