We need CHILDREN'S BOOKS IN SPANISH or ENGLISH (not textbooks, not magazines, not novels) as we have no place to store them and postage is really expensive.

 In addition to the postage for YOU to get them to Texas, the courier service charges us $1 a pound service fee to transport the books to San Miguel de Allende (a two hour round trip by car from our rancho) and then Mexican import fees (may or may not) go on top of those fees. So, PLEASE, do NOT send heavy textbooks, magazines, or novels that will simply have to be paid for and NOT put to use. We need CHILDREN'S BOOKS IN SPANISH or ENGLISH that can go right into the hands of children.

Send books to: Summerland Monastery, PMB 512-A, 220 N. Zapata Hwy, Suite 11, Laredo, TX 78043-4464.

Then send us an email of the estimated current market value of the books, any postage you spent and any donation for our postage that you sent us and we will send you a tax donation letter after we verify the accuracy of your gift against the current IRS rules. 

Reduce Mexican Immigration: An Alternative Literacy Program 

On April 23, 2010 Arizona’s Governor Brewer signed a strict new immigration law (S1070) that makes a criminal of undocumented Mexicans. Even those people who are only seeking increased economic security outside of their home country.  In the USA, dialogue is flying from both political viewpoints. 

If I ask a politically conservative person, How many Mexicans is your paycheck supporting? an angry reply referring to a lack of taxes being paid by Mexican immigrants or the number of them on welfare and the resulting harm to hard-working (and legal resident) Americans. 

If I ask a politically liberal person, “Do you feel that Mexicans have the same employment opportunities and educational quality as non-Latino Americans?,” I will likely hear another negative reply, but this time addressing unfairness from another perspective.  

We volunteer teacher problem-solvers have developed an alternative literacy program “Me Encanta Leer” or “Reading Enchants Me” to keep Mexicans in Mexico by increasing options form economic security in their homeland: literacy.  More than half of the rural Mexicans we have interviewed cannot read. Since 2008, administrators have assured us that 50% literacy is average in rural areas.  Respectful children do not see any reason to read if their or grandmother cannot read. 

Additionally, there are no free public libraries in rural Mexico.  Most public schools we have visited have just five feet or less of shelf space containing books to be used solely inside the classrooms.  Volunteer visiting teachers can help fill that gap in literacy by making reading a desirable social and economic option. Making reading fun will increase the number of young readers. 

The program is $350 per "adoption" of a rural Mexico classroom.  For that tax deductible donation volunteers will travel to rural schools (1-3 hours from their home) and make a video (our 501©3 was donated money for a video camera).  The teachers is a highly qualified special education and bilingual education teacher who has both a PhD in education and a passion to teach.  The video will have a formal introduction and then the experiences captured in that classroom while teaching English (about 60-90 minute: a DVD will be mailed to the patron).  

After the lesson, the rural children will draw or sign a BIG "Thank You" on large poster paper that will be mailed to the patron.  

Each child will get a Mexican made 100% cotton golf-style collared shirts with ribbed sleeves printed with "Me Encanta Leer" on the front and a wizard reading a book. Our 501©2 (est. 1993) logo on it, Summerland/Tierra de Verano, used as a "chair."  On the back the shirt will say "Reading Enchants Me" and the back of the same wizard will be seen.  

The teacher will get about 20 books for the classroom in both English and Spanish.  We have a steady stream of dedicated former teachers, libarians, and others who send us children’s books in Spanish or English to a courier service in Laredo, Texas.  We pay $1 a pound for the books and pass them on to alother life in Mexican schools.  That gift will also be filmed. 

Finally, each patron will get a report on the school's name, location, information about the community and some photos taken in the community.  

We also need a strong, capable, reliable VEHICLE (bus, airport shuttle, RV) to purchase, remodel and operate as a mobile classroom reaching 100 people a day, 230 days a year and capable of continuous driving on rocky dirt roads in remote areas of Central Mexico with three or more volunteer teachers or lecturers for 10 years or more.

Tierra de Verano A. C.
The Mackenzie's
Rancho Cajones
Cajones, Guanajuato, Mexico 36262

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